Injuries at School

The health and safety of our students is of critical importance to the Northshore School District.  Even so, accidents may and do happen and resulting medical bills may be expensive. Please know the district does not carry insurance for student personal injury costs and therefore cannot assume responsibility for the costs. This includes students participating in athletics.

If your student is injured during school activities you, as the guardian, are responsible for any medical bills.

When a student is injured or ill at school, or during any school sponsored event:

  • A staff member will provide immediate care to the student unless or until the staff member is relieved by a nurse, doctor or emergency personnel.
  • The parent/guardian will be contacted except in the case of very minor injuries that, in the judgement of the school nurse or staff person, do not pose a serious risk to the student.
  • In the case of a medical emergency 911 will be called.
  • Transport to nearest hospital may be necessary.

Parents/Guardians please note:  It's important keep your emergency contact information up-to-date with your child's school. 

Optional Student Insurance

You can find information regarding optional accident and illness student at the link above.