School News

Events for Families of Students with an IEP Promoting to Kindergarten

  • Save the Date:  Feb 4th 6-7:30 pm Kindergarten Promotion Meeting at the District Office in the Board Room (3330 Monte Villa Parkway Bothell, WA 98021). Families with students on IEP’s that are promoting to Kindergarten are encouraged to attend. The goal of this meeting is to provide program descriptions for our NSD continuum of services for students with IEP’s.  Please note there is not childcare for this event.


  • Feb 6th and 7th:  Promoting Kindergarten Parent Teacher Conferences.  During the spring, IEP teams (which include parents/guardians) will have discussions regarding levels of supports to decide the best placement option for your student.  Our continuum of services for Kindergarten includes: General Education Kindergarten, General Education Kindergarten with itinerant support, General Education Kindergarten with Learning Center support, Mid-Level Blended, Mid-Level Sensory, and FSA.