Parking & Transportation

Parent Parking and Pick Up Procedures

  • Once you have found a parking space please wait at the Westhill undercover area until the buses start leaving Sorenson and then cross the street to pick up your child. This allows space for classrooms to walk to their benches and gives more space for students and staff moving from benches to buses.
  • If you do not find a parking spot please continue to wait/drive outside our school until space becomes available. Please do not park or keep your car running in the traffic lanes. Also, please do not leave unattended children in your park while you pick up your preschooler. You are welcome to park at Sorenson, Westhill, or on the street if spaces are available. It takes us on average between 5-8 minutes to put all the students on the buses, so you will have time to find a space once buses start leaving.  
  • If you need assistance with an individual drop off or pick up plan for your son/daughter, please talk with your child’s teacher and we will try to accommodate your request. Thank you all for your understanding our increased enrollment and how this impacts our pick up times. We will try this for a few weeks and see if these changes are helping with our pick up process (and I will communicate any additional changes or revisions), but please know student safety is our top priority! I am happy to hear input from you if you would like to make suggestions or have other ideas on how to make our pick up process work smoother. We all appreciate your support!

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