• Birth certificate
  • Certificate of immunization
  • Completion of toilet training
  • Parent transportation
  • Families must provide a certificate of immunization for their child and be able to provide their own transportation.
  • All children must be toilet trained.
  • Tuition waiver reduction is available for qualifying families.

Tuition Based Preschool Programs

Preschool and Pre-K at Hollywood Hill and Eastside Foursquare

Starting in the in the fall of 2019 we are integrating our tuition Pre-K programs within our current preschool classrooms at Sorenson and Cottage Lake.
Please refer to the Peer Program information for application and enrollment information. 

Peer Program

 Accepting Applications for Peer Program
Northshore School District's preschool program is expanding to include peer model opportunities at Cottage Lake Elementary School in addition to Sorenson Early Childhood Center. The opportunity for a child to be a peer in a developmental special education preschool class is a great way for them to learn about individual differences and build self-esteem. 
The Peer Program is currently accepting applications for the 2019-20 school year.


Peer Program registration information:

  • Children must be four years old by December 31st.
  • Children must be toilet trained.
  • Parents must provide a current Certificate of Immunization.
  • Parents provide transportation to and from school.
  • Tuition: TBD for 2019-20 school year

Classroom Format

  • Small class size
  • Certified Teacher
  • Paraeducator
  • Curriculum that addresses the areas of cognition, motor, social, self-help and language skills.
For more information, including registration, contact
Sorenson Early Childhood Center, 425.408.5570, or
Cottage Lake Elementary School, 425.408.4201.

Immunization Information

Washington state law requires full immunization of all students enrolled in the school district. On or before the first day of attendance, all students must present or have on file proof of certain immunizations. More information regarding immunizations.

As of July 28, 2019, a new state law removes the personal and philosophical option to exempt children from the MMR vaccine required for school and child care attendance. Learn more...

Enrollment Overview

Students may register year-around (except July) at the school they'll be attending.

To determine your child's attendance area , which is based on address, enter your student's grade and address into VersaTrans eLink  or call the Transportation Department at 425.408.7900. School service area maps are online.

Early Childhood

The Northshore School District offers a variety of early childhood programs for children age three to five. Additionally, the district works with development centers to provide services for children age birth to three who qualify for specially designed instruction. While early childhood programs are not located at every elementary school, they are open to all children in the district. Learn more by visiting the district's Early Childhood page.


Students entering kindergarten must be five years old on or before August 31. Students who are five by November 30 may apply and test for early entrance into kindergarten.
Required Documents:

Proof of birth
List of immunizations
Proof of residency
Social security number (optional) 

Elementary Schools

Required Documents:

Proof of birth
List of immunizations
Proof of residency

Secondary Schools

It is recommended that new students contact their service area school for additional information about the registration process prior to registering.

Required Documents:

Proof of birth
List of immunizations
Proof of residency
Withdrawal sheet or report card from previous school
Unofficial transcript (high schools)



Which School Do I Attend?

To determine your child's attendance area , which is based on address, enter your student's grade and address into VersaTrans eLink  or call the Transportation Department at 425.408.7900. School service area maps are online.

Required Forms

Please complete the following required forms and bring them with you to your home school when enrolling your child. Some schools may have additional forms specific to their building that you will complete during the enrollment process.

All Grades

Enrollment Form
Immunization Certificates

Visit our Immunizations page for a full list of required immunizations.

Health Registration Forms


Required Vaccinations

The date of immunizations or illness must be on file with the school nurse prior to school entry.

Washington State's School Immunization Law RCW 28A.210.080 requires documentation of immunization at the time of school registration. A completed certificate of immunization status (CIS) (Spanish) or certificate of exemption (COE)(Spanish) signed by the parent/guardian must be on file at the school on or before the student's first day at school.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to obtain the required documentation, complete the form AND turn it in to the school before the student can start school.

Minimum Entry requirements for school attendance:

Washington State Immunization Information System (WAIIS)

The Northshore School District is part of a state immunization record tracking system that includes immunization data from area doctors’ offices and health care providers. The district is transitioning all immunization documentation and record keeping to the Washington State Immunization System (WAIIS).  This information system makes it much easier for us to get copies of your child’s immunization record, a requirement for school entry under Washington State law.  This information is used solely to help protect your child and prevent disease by improving the quality and timeliness of records and services in our community. The information can only be shared with entities authorized by Washington law (RCW 70.02) to receive it, such as doctors, nurses, public health entities and schools (Family Educational Records Privacy Act). In addition, the information can only be used for immunization record keeping.

Parent permission is required to share immunization information with WAIIS which can be provided by signing the CIS form. In an effort to update the WAIIS with your child’s current immunization records, we require healthcare provider verified documentation of some or all of your child’s immunizations.

Parents and guardians have access to the WAIIS through a new web portal called MyIR. This secure online system pulls data from the WA Immunization Information System (WAIIS) and will auto populate your child’s Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) with immunizations contained in the IIS. Parents can print, sign, and submit the CIS to the school or preschool/child care. Information about this new system can be found at Immunizations - WA State Department of Health

Homeless Services

Homeless Services - McKinney-Vento Act

Students living in homeless situations have a right to:

  • Get help with enrolling in school from the district liaison or other school contacts to continue academic success
  • Continue in the school they attended (referred to as the school of origin) before they became homeless or the school they last attended, if that is the parent’s choice and is feasible
  • Get transportation to and from school of origin
  • Receive free school meals
  • Receive additional services such as ELL, Special Education, Title I, preschool, Elementary Advanced
  • Program (EAP), career/technical education

Contact Us

Northshore School District
Homeless Liaison and Director of Student Services
Dr. Christopher Bigelow

Additional information about
homeless services is available through:
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
Melinda Dyer
Program Manager, Homeless Children and Youth